About Us

The Malaysian Veterinary Council (MVC) primary objective is to ensure the highest standards of practice of veterinary medicine and practice, in the interest of patients, public and the profession through fair and effective administration of the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1974. The Act was given the royal assent on 30 July 1974 and came in force on 29 August 1974.

MVC Council

The Veterinary Surgeons Act requires a corporate body – the Malaysian Veterinary Council’ to be set up. The legislation guides the MVC work in Malaysia on: 

The function of the MVC, its members and their duties;
Recognition of Qualifications of Veterinary Schools;
Registration and Practice of Veterinary Surgeons; and
Promulgating and Ensuring Standards of Practice and Veterinary Medicine.

The MVC does not:

Have responsibility over veterinary surgeons employment;
Make decisions regarding Malaysia’s veterinary workforce;
Process applications for veterinary training in Malaysia;
Provide continuing veterinary education courses or other veterinary training;
Register veterinary facilities or training institutions, medicines or veterinary medical equipment’s; and
Cover the registration and practice of para-professionals which include nurses or veterinary assistants. However the MVC may recognize/endorse para-professionals to practice certain procedures that have been trained or qualified for a specific purpose by specific institutions i.e. artificial insemination nor
Endorse or recommend any veterinary surgeons, legal advisors, expert witnesses or veterinary services.

The MVC is not able to offer information on subjects under the jurisdiction of other medical institutions or governments, such as: 

Veterinary services;
Veterinary medical advice; 
Legal advice; 
Information about job availability; 
Hospitals for general or specialized experience;
Opportunities for medical education or research;
The recognition accorded by other veterinary  regulatory authorities or veterinary institution towards medical qualifications obtained abroad;
Salaried employment, whether public or private;
Scholarships or funding; or
Requirements for specialist qualification