Q1:  Does a government veterinary surgeon require to be registered?

Yes, under Public Services Commission (SPA), only registered veterinary surgeons under Veterinary Surgeon Act 1974 [Act 147] are qualified to be absorbed into Government Service as veterinary officers (currently the position code is GV). 


Q2:  Can an application  for registration as a veterinary surgeon be rejected by the Council?

Yes, under subsection 16(1) of Act 147, the Council can reject a registration, as follows:

(a) at any time been found guilty of an offence involving fraud, dishonesty or moral turpitude or an offence punishable with imprisonment (whether in itself only or in addition to or in lieu of a fine) for a term of two or more years; or

(b) after due inquiry by the council, been found by it to have been guilty of infamous conduct in any professional respect or to be otherwise not of good fame and character. 


Q3: Who can apply for registration as a Veterinary Surgeon in Malaysia?

Under subsection 12(1) of Act 147 any person (Malaysian citizen only) with a qualification from an institution listed in Second Schedule of the same Act is entitled to register as a registered veterinary surgeon. The manner of application for registration is at the perogative of the Council and proof of identity satisfactory to the Registrar under section 15 of the same Act.  

Any person (both Malaysian citizen and foreigner) with a qualification from any foreign institution or such qualification and institution are not listed in Second Schedule, may be considered for a temporary permit to practice for a period not exceeding six months subject to restrictions and conditions under section 13 of Act 147.


Q4: Can a fresh graduate with qualifications from a scheduled institution register and subsequently apply for a practicing certificate before he has obtained his degree of qualification as a veterinary surgeon?

The fresh graduate may apply for a registration certificate with a transcript of proof from an institution listed in The Second Schedule of Act 147. However the application will be pending upon the receipt of a copy of the original proof of qualification as a veterinary surgeon from such institution.  Only when the registration certificate is issued, can the applicant apply for an annual practicing certificate.

However all veterinary surgeons employed by the government and institutions recognized by the Council can start practice prior to registration as they come  under the provisions of Exemptions under paragraph 37(e) of the Act,  provided they are employed as veterinary officers and with proof pending the official commencement, convocation or graduation event.