Q1:  Who can apply for a temporary permit to practice?

The Council under subsection 13(1) of the said Act may with the authorisation of the Minister, on a written application, issue a temporary practicing certificate to any veterinary surgeon holding qualifications elsewhere and including any person holding a qualification other than listed in Second Schedule of the said Act and who is registered elsewhere other than Malaysia. Such temporary practicing certificate shall contain terms and conditions and valid for a period not exceeding 6 months.  The holder of a Temporary Practicing Permit has to reapply prior to the expiry of the tenure of the permit.

Q2:  Can a person with a Temporary Practicing Permit apply for an Annual Practicing Certificate?

There is no current provision for a conversion of a Temporary Practicing Certificate to an Annual Practicing Permit. Unless the institution has been added into the Second Schedule of the Act under, subsection 12 (3), the person then can apply for a registration certificate and then may be considered for an Annual Practicing Permit.

Q3: Can a person with a Temporary Practicing Permit set up a practice?

Under subsection 17(2) of the Act, the Council can order the issuance of an annual practicing certificate but not a temporary permit to practice, upon such application and payment for a practicing permit, the Council, if satisfied that the premises at, and the conditions under, which the applicant practises or proposes to practise veterinary medicine are suitable for such practice.