Duties and Functions

The duties of MVC are to protect, promote and maintain standards in the practice of veterinary medicine. As such MVC:

- Registers veterinary surgeons;
- Sets standards of good veterinary medicine practice;
- Promotes and maintains high standards of veterinary medical education; and
- Deal firmly and fairly with veterinary surgeons following the approved code of professional practice and ethics and their fitness to practice.

The functions of MVC under the statute are as follows:

- To authorize registration of veterinary surgeons;
- To maintain a Register of all registered veterinary surgeons in Malaysia;
- To issue practicing certificates to registered veterinary surgeons;
- To recognize and accredit veterinary institutions;
- To determine and regulate the professional conduct and ethics of veterinary surgeons;
- To consider the cases of veterinary surgeons who, because of some mental or physical condition, may be unfit to practice medicine;
- To advise and make recommendations to the Minister of Agriculture and Food Industries on matters relating to the practice of veterinary medicine in Malaysia; and
- To perform such other functions so as to give effect to the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1974 as may be prescribed in the Act or assigned by the Minister.