Veterinary Surgeons Act 1974

The Veterinary Surgeons Act, 1974 was promulgated with the following purpose:  An Act to make provision for the registration and practice of veterinary surgeons and for national purposes to provide for certain provision with regard to a period of service in the public services after registration; and to make provision for purposes connected with the aforesaid matters.

The legislation has been reviewed by the Veterinary Community – Veterinary Association Malaysia and special interest groups. Substantial changes, improvements and enhancements have been proposed and endorsed by the Malaysian Veterinary Council. An amendment of the Act is being considered by the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industries to be brought up to Parliament

Legislation Authority


The MVC is a body corporate established by an Act of Parliament with perpetual succession and a common seal under the provisions of Section 3(1) of the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1974 with its legal powers derived from Section 4 of the same Act. The body advises the Minister of Agriculture and Agro-based industries on matters and related to the Act. 

The MVC operates as spelled out in Section 7 of the same Act under the provisions laid out in the First Schedule. The Council makes decisions through Para 2(1) of the First Schedule in their meetings which shall be held at least twice in a year. The Council meetings are presided by the President and in his absence by a chairman elected by the members present.

The Council acts through various Committees and Secretariat.